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The Gateway to the luxury world of Boats & Yachts had a singular focus in providing an online authoritative platform to boat / yacht owners & buyers. We empower these high net worth individuals to make better educated decisions when it comes to sell and buy their boats & yachts and provide the right place to the boat builders and the dealers to reach the local and regional prospect buyers.
But we’re more than a website:
We connect you to the largest boat platform in the region
We link prospect buyers directly to sellers & builders
We provide a stunning details boat advert
We list your boat on our social networks
We give you a quick access & easy way to upload your boat details
We grant you the ability to edit your advert at any time
We award you to post more than one Ad (depends on the selected package)

P.S: We do not charge any commission on your sale.
Our banner positions guidelines:
TOP BANNER   : 728 x   90 pixels (prominent at the top of a single page, full website and specific countries)
SIDE BANNER : 336 x 280 pixels (prominent at the right side of a single page, full website and specific countries) 
In addition, offers sponsored content. Also called branded content or native advertising, these articles appear in dedicated News sections at the home page of our website and on the news letter. Sponsored content opportunities range from one story per month to one per week, all promoting your brand and expertise.
Our marketing team specializes in high quality media for high net worth consumers. Its team of graphic designers knows this industry and ensures proficiency and professionalism.
We produce high quality videos, banner design (Image, Flash, HTML) bringing your brand to highly targeted buyers.
We offer a multitude of tailored marketing options to get your message heard.
Every project is priced competitively and outlined in a clearly defined time line for completion. Tell us your needs, and we will deliver a custom proposal.
For more information about advertising please contact us
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